Steam rooms and saunas are fantastic for both relaxing and enjoying a range of health benefits such as body detoxification, stress relief, relieving muscle aches, joint pain relief, and promoting youthful skin. Relax and unwind with a bespoke spa with some of the latest state-of-the-art features.

Our luxury home saunas and steams rooms are made to every client’s individual needs, tailored to fit your home in both function and style. Our award-winning designs and expert customer service will guarantee luxurious quality steam rooms and saunas.

We have a range of options including:

  • Interior options (including Kiln-dried Norwegian Spruce)
  • Floor and wall options (including Mosaic tiles)
  • Lighting options
  • Seating options
  • Heater options
  • Control & Temperature Adjustment options
  • Exterior options (including glass-fronted steam rooms)

Contact us for a consultation and learn how we can transform your space today!

How we work

We design, create, and manage with the up-most care and highest level of consistent customer service. If you need to reach us or want to have an influence in the decision-making process, we are always on hand with open ears. We understand that your dream pool is something you want to enjoy for a lifetime.


Riva Pools is all about creating harmony between function and design to achieve luxury personified in the result. Our architects will work with you to not only design and create your dream pool, but also ensure that the dream if functional and maintainable. Riva Pools always aims to exceed even your wildest expectations.


Our construction process is the same whether you are a leisure centre or homeowner; all swimming pools are permanent installations and comply with all current regulations. We always use the highest quality building materials and go above and beyond in our construction process to ensure that all the necessary standards are met and surpassed.


We offer bespoke cleaning and maintenance services to keep your pool looking as new as the day it was fitted. We recommend that domestic pools are maintained fortnightly and commercial pools 2-3 times per week.

More Pool Services


Create your very own spa area with our bespoke design service!


We offer a wide range of tub sizes and attractive designs to keep you relaxed!

We pride ourselves on the quality of our swimming pools which are crafted, designed and installed by our knowledgeable team of design and construction experts and offer a lifetime pleasure guarantee.